Sandra & Marcel


Sandra and Marcel meet via chatting. Both are in their apprenticeships: she as salesgirl in a bakery, he as carpenter. After 3 months Sandra becomes pregnant.

Sandra & Marcel

When shooting starts in September 2006:

Both live at home with their families in Canton Lucerne. Sandra is 17 and Marcel has just turned 18. Their child will be born in two months. The couple plans to move into their own apartment. Both will have to take their final apprenticeship exams in the coming summer.

What happens in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 is told in the film …

By completion of shooting in January 2010

Sandra and Marcel have two children: Jason (3) and Dean (1) and they live in their third apartment together near Lucerne. Marcel works 100% and Sandra has several different part-time jobs – mostly on weekends or evenings, so Marcel can take care of the children.

Sandra & Marcel mit Kinder

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