Jennifer & Mwathi


Jennifer and Mwathi live in the same home for children and youth. With over a hundred love letters, Mwathi finally wins Jennifer’s heart. In her last year of school Jennifer gets pregnant. A month after graduation, her little daughter Tanijsha is born.

Jennifer & Mwathi Passfoto

When shooting starts in October 2006:

Jennifer is 17 and lives with her 2-month-old baby together with her mother and sister in the Bernese Oberland. She takes care of her baby, while Mwathi (16) continues living in the home for youth and completes his tenth year of school. The young couple has just recently split up.

What happens in the next three years is told in the film …

By completion of shooting in January 2010

Jennifer (21) now has her own apartment with her little daughter Tanijsha (3). Her mother, sisters and other relatives live nearby and help her because Jennifer works part-time in an old folks’ home. She has begun a training program and has to travel to Berne every Monday.

Mwathi (20), after difficult times, now has more contact with his daughter. He is completing a year of career-preparation training and spends a lot of time with his Rap band S.O.L. (States of Lyrics).

Jennifer & Mwathi

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