Jasmine & Roman


Jasmine and Roman fall in love with each other in the classroom. In her last year of school, Jasmine gets pregnant. The young lovers move into an apartment of their own, together with another couple.

Armando is born in autumn of 2005. Jasmine has just turned 18, Roman 15. The two live through wild ups and downs in their relationship.

Jasmine Pola mit Baby

When shooting starts in September 2006:

Two days before shooting starts, the two separate. Little Armando is 10 months old. Jasmine (18) lives alone with her child in social housing near Basel. Her friends assist her and her „main job“ is caring for her child.

And what happens in the years 2007, 2008, and 2009 is told in the film …

By completion of shooting in January 2010

Jasmine (22) still lives in the same apartment, but it looks much different now. Recently, she has renovated it together with her friend Elso (21). Armando (4) still spends his weekdays in the home for children. Jasmine wants him to live with her at home as soon as he begins kindergarten in the coming summer. She works in various jobs to earn money.

Jasmine mit Armando, 3 jährig, Eisbärkostüm

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